About Fantasia Studios

     To achieve rising visions, over the past Years Fantasia Studios created a seamless integration between film production and creative artists to accomplish marvelous work on Feature films and commercials. The aim of accomplishing our growing expectations leads us into a continuous workflow of new ideas and technologies. Pushing forward to new concepts and co - operations are one part of our philosophy as much as our commitment to create lovely detailed breathtaking visual effects. It’s not just a production or a client; it's a journey of collecting dreams with dedication. Our passion for innovation and creativity is recognized throughout the industry and remains the cornerstone of our work philosophy.
     From around the corner to around the world, we've been around — and will continue to push the boundaries of creativity for years to come.The studio is scaling at par with its western counterparts in terms of infrastructure and technology. The two aspects have been carefully balanced to derive the finest possible working environment available for the artists, without compromising on the security, performance and artistic values. With the right blend of expertise in traditional & technical skills and managerial abilities, the studio is creating the next-generation animation and VFX for Feature Films, and Television. Its main area of focus is to create original content and retain Intellectual Property Rights for the entire audio-visual medium relating to animation and VFX.

Meet the team

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Tejas Kakade

FOUNDER/Marketing Head
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Siddhesh Ghosalkar

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Divya Jagtap